The secret to a great wax

Waxing doesn't have to be painful.Read on to find out what you can do to minimise discomfort, help reduce hair breakage, and achieve great hair reduction.

Lets start with minimising pain and discomfort. I remember my first leg wax ever. I was still training in Beauty Therapy and I asked one of the other girls to give me a full (!) leg wax. OMG I thought I was going to die from the pain and vowed to never have waxing again! That was 23 years ago. Four weeks later, I asked her to wax me again. I loved being hair free so much longer than shaving every two or three days. I never went back to the razor again. Twenty three years on, there is very little hair left on my legs and underarms. Of course those results were achieved in about 8-10 years with four weekly appointments. Yes, laser hair removal will get you faster results, but remember, laser is not for every one!

If you suffer from dry skin on your legs, you are going to suffer from hair snapping off during your waxing. The only way to avoid this is by regularly exfoliating your legs and moisturising daily. Exfoliating will also minimise ingrown hairs. Believe it or not, it will also minimise pain!

Finally, to really notice a difference in reducing hair growth, appointments should be no more than four weeks apart. Every one is different, however, so whilst I feel I have had great results from waxing, this may not the case for someone else who is doing exactly what I have recommended. Genetics plays a role, too.

We do have some great exfoliating mitts in stock as well as some super hydrating body products, should you wish to follow my advice. Just ask next time you are in for your appointment.

Thank you for reading my first ever post/blog. I'm a mum to two adult daughters and, even though I like to think I'm up with everything, I am still learning new things every day!

Jo x

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